Sunday, 26 May 2013

Final Countdown: Pricing

The final countdown is a series of blog posts written by third year CAA student Penny giving a student’s perspective of the final shows both in Hereford and at New Designers in London. Penny blogs at

This week is all about pricing our final collections. Our course has a really strong business element and we have been learning about what goes into pricing contemporary craft for the last few years. This focus on helping prepare students to be designer/makers when they graduate is one of the main reasons I chose to come the Hereford and now we are putting all that training into practice. These were fairly practical sessions where we got to look at a range of work and have a go at pricing it, ending up pricing each others work!

It was a challenge but on the most part we got the prices right. A lot of the tutors on the CAA courses are working as artists which means that they are able to give us genuine advice about how much we could charge for our work. Professional practice as a module can be very dry and difficult at times but having tutors with this kind of real life experiences helps enormously.

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